From life in the middle of nowhere

Bees, flowers and fruit

Spring isn’t quite here for most of the country, but here in south Texas the bees are getting an early start. Most people who look at this photos will feel serenity and reflect on the beauty of nature’s coitus, BUT for me, taking these photos caused some serious heart thumping. These red flowers were hopping with bees and I am pretty much allergic to anything that emits venom (except scorpions because they are in the spider family). So as I leaned in to get these shots, I felt quite the dare devil!

I made it out alive.


Growing up in Massachusetts I don’t know much about citrus trees. Because a humid coast line, the Corpus Christi area is perfect for lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit trees. This beautiful orange tree was busting with these perfect little orange orbs. I took about a million photos but I will not bore you all with all of them. Well today anyways.



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