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Tying the Knox!

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The TRUE DIY wedding, Margie Pettigrove and Adam Knox hosted at Knolle Jersey Farms October 18th, was an event not to be missed. Friends and family from all over the U.S. (and a couple international visitors too) descended on a small Texas town to witness these two lovebirds #TieTheKnox!


The outdoor wedding was held at the fabulous hand-laid brick labyrinth in the style of Chartres Cathedral, where the center was an ancient live oak tree that towered over the couple and their guests. The rain lighting up the radar and drenching roads just east of the wedding knew there was love in the air and simply decided to take a different route, keeping the sky blue the whole day long.


The reception was held in a old barn where wildflowers festooned the tables atop turquoise burlap runners and small votive candles created a gorgeous ambience that everyone appreciated. Oh, and the cake. Totally gone. I’m pretty sure people ate the crumbs. Hand delivered by a friend and guest of the wedding who drove down from Austin, the Driskill Hotel 1886 chocolate cake was a hit!

Many thanks to the Pettigrove and Knox families for throwing such a beautiful day!




Pin-Up Beauty

I recently connected with a local Corpus Christi Photography group who meets once a month and does group shoots with models and makeup artists. No one profits and everyone has a great time. I snapped this shot of cutie Danyelluuh Platz. Her makeup artist and stylist was the fabulous Dolly Munster.


New website

Hi All,

I am working hard at opening my very own studio. I just launched a new website to go along with it. Click on over and take a look!



Winter Memories

It’s been a rainy couple days here in south Texas, and no one is complaining. I’m sure as it dries out I will begin my annual rant about the war on bugs that inevitably plagues our 1948 hacienda style house and therefore begin complaining, but until then I’ll enjoy the cooler weather and the calm sounds. I have been flipping through my catalog of images and found this one from the winter of 2013. The earliest arrivers of sandhill cranes flying just over the ridge in my back field. Enjoy and have a peaceful day. cranesfly

Lightning Strikes

This is not the first time I have neglected my blog for a couple of weeks, and it probably won’t be the last. But this time I have a pretty good excuse for the first two weeks of my absence- that is- our internet was hit by lightning!

I was laying in bed in the middle of the day reading a book (omg I have a great life) enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof. The thunder rolled in and I didn’t think much of it UNTIL the crack and flash felt like it hit right outside my window!

I jumped up and ran to every window around the house just waiting to see a mesquite tree in flames and yet nothing was out of the ordinary. Just grass and fields and sky.

As I entered the living room I detected the faint smell of burning rubber and noticed the box fan was no longer spinning gently in the corner. So the main living fuse blown. Ok. I wasn’t crazy- something happened, and now I could go back to reading happily freed from any internet obligations as the modem and the computer are tied to that fuse.

Fast forward: The next day I bend down and pick up all these little pieces of plastic shrapnel and curse at my husband for doing something messy and not picking it up. The trail leads me to the modem, which I now see is laying askew on the desk. There is a burn on the wood and I notice that the plastic cover on the modem is lying about 6 feet away from the desk and connections blossom. I realize that it was the internet antenna that was struck!

First, before we could get the internet back, we needed electricity. Well, we totally botched that part. We managed to break the air conditioner looking for the electricity shut off. So for about a 48 hour period, we had no AC, no electricity in the main hang out areas of our house and no internet. #darkages.

The electrician came and fixed the A/C and the fuse, which required two visits, and then the internet people came, which required two visits, and then A/C broke again which require another repair man and then all normalcy was restored.

Did I mention how frustrating it is to wait for repair people without the internet?

The good news is that we left shortly after all that madness to go to Colorado! Here is a picture snapped at the Flatirons in Boulder.






Banana Flower