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Tying the Knox!

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The TRUE DIY wedding, Margie Pettigrove and Adam Knox hosted at Knolle Jersey Farms October 18th, was an event not to be missed. Friends and family from all over the U.S. (and a couple international visitors too) descended on a small Texas town to witness these two lovebirds #TieTheKnox!


The outdoor wedding was held at the fabulous hand-laid brick labyrinth in the style of Chartres Cathedral, where the center was an ancient live oak tree that towered over the couple and their guests. The rain lighting up the radar and drenching roads just east of the wedding knew there was love in the air and simply decided to take a different route, keeping the sky blue the whole day long.


The reception was held in a old barn where wildflowers festooned the tables atop turquoise burlap runners and small votive candles created a gorgeous ambience that everyone appreciated. Oh, and the cake. Totally gone. I’m pretty sure people ate the crumbs. Hand delivered by a friend and guest of the wedding who drove down from Austin, the Driskill Hotel 1886 chocolate cake was a hit!

Many thanks to the Pettigrove and Knox families for throwing such a beautiful day!