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Pin-Up Beauty

I recently connected with a local Corpus Christi Photography group who meets once a month and does group shoots with models and makeup artists. No one profits and everyone has a great time. I snapped this shot of cutie Danyelluuh Platz. Her makeup artist and stylist was the fabulous Dolly Munster.



Pretty Pigeon


Crossroads Yoga teacher Erin Reipe poses in eka pada rajakapotasana (pigeon pose) at sunset.


Banana Flower


Bees, flowers and fruit

Spring isn’t quite here for most of the country, but here in south Texas the bees are getting an early start. Most people who look at this photos will feel serenity and reflect on the beauty of nature’s coitus, BUT for me, taking these photos caused some serious heart thumping. These red flowers were hopping with bees and I am pretty much allergic to anything that emits venom (except scorpions because they are in the spider family). So as I leaned in to get these shots, I felt quite the dare devil!

I made it out alive.


Growing up in Massachusetts I don’t know much about citrus trees. Because a humid coast line, the Corpus Christi area is perfect for lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit trees. This beautiful orange tree was busting with these perfect little orange orbs. I took about a million photos but I will not bore you all with all of them. Well today anyways.


Kissing fish and turtle tail

Before the Beyonce concert  Super bowl, on Sunday I took a ride to the far south side of Corpus Christi and visited the Botanical Gardens. I shot a bazillion photos that I will dole out in sets as I spent about an hour just uploading and organizing them today to make them more manageable in terms of time spent editing. I really got a taste of what wedding photographers have to deal with when they spend the day shooting and have literally about 4,000 or some enormous quantity of photos to sort through and edit. Sure makes you want to get it right the first time.

fishinthepondDoesn’t it look like two of the fish are going to smooch?

turtlebuttTurtle tail. Ooh the scandalous reptile kingdom. Clearly he thought this was his best side on a Sunday afternoon.

iguanaAnd this iguana was the weirdest texture I have ever seen. They said I could come back and some pictures with a few of the animals out from behind bars. I am hoping that includes this little fella.


A simple glance at this blog and it becomes apparent that we are not typical ranch people. This blog is more about the beauty and happenings of my life then it is about the difference between the Black Angus breed and the Santa Gerturdis breed.

This past Friday night, my sweetheart had an art show in the closest metropolis, Corpus Christi. He recently took a studio space and became part of something that  functions much like an art collective or artists in residency at the K-Space Studios. The title of the show was called Sonta, and a video piece he recently made lay at the heart of the show. My understanding is that he mainly organized the other pieces in relation to the video piece. I don’t have a copy (or permission) to post that on my blog, so you feast on the images below. Sonta is a solo show being held in the HotSpot Gallery, upstairs from the main space.

Despite some rainy, damp and dreary weather the Friday after New Year’s Eve, we had a great turn out. I made cupcakes (black and white- they were very arty) and they were all gone by the end of the night, which means success to me!

DSC_0073 DSC_0077 DSC_0085 DSC_0097