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The desert is the most beautiful at night

Life has been busy. Maybe you can tell from my less than verbose Pelicans! post. We traveled out to the desert again, one of us with a bad ankle and a good attitude and the rest of us with a lot of sunscreen. Big Bend National Parks is one of those amazing places that if you ever get a chance, you cannot miss. I managed to pack a full battery, thank goodness, but after shooting on the D4, heading back to my D3200 was, well- let’s say less satisfying. We learn more and more about the park every time we visit. This time we managed to find the Hot Springs (which were ahhhhhmazing), hike off trail at night, and backcountry camp. We took the truck which has 4 wheel drive, so weren’t limited to certain areas of the park. It also meant that we could camp at one of the wilderness spots away from all about two other campsites. This meant no bathrooms and no showers- but who cares! We are in the desert!

We took a mattress pad type thing with us and slept out in the open, under a blanket of stars, tucked inside sleeping bags (or tucked inside two if you are me). It did get a little chilly at the lowest point at night- but nothing so uncomfortable I haven’t already forgotten about it.

starrynight starrynight2 starrynight3



Starlight, Star Bright

night skyIf you click on the picture and enlarge even more stars become visual. Can you find Orion?

Night walk: beach edition


A walk is required after stuffing one’s face with delicious Mexican enchiladas from La Playa in Port Aransas. We pushed up our hoods and headed to the nearby beach. In the winter the beach is a different, yet no less magical place. There weren’t too many folks about, but a few campers were braving it. I am still navigating my way around my new camera and I got a little frustrated with the auto focus lens. I was without a tripod anyways, which makes it nearly impossible to capture thoseĀ gorgeousĀ stars regardless of whether or not I was able fully operate my camera like a pro. I feel like the photographer’s story is nearly always one in which there is a whole lot filler about didn’t go right with an ending of what managed to be perfect.

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