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Pin-Up Beauty

I recently connected with a local Corpus Christi Photography group who meets once a month and does group shoots with models and makeup artists. No one profits and everyone has a great time. I snapped this shot of cutie Danyelluuh Platz. Her makeup artist and stylist was the fabulous Dolly Munster.



Pretty Pigeon


Crossroads Yoga teacher Erin Reipe poses in eka pada rajakapotasana (pigeon pose) at sunset.

Portrait of a lady

I managed to make it to Massachusetts just in time for good spring weather. There is nothing nicer than taking a walk on one of the many central Massachusetts ‘rail trails’ that run along rennovated railroad tracks. Here a portrait of one of my best and oldest friends as she looks out over the Ware River.  The light was cloudy, but it made for a nice even light on her skin.
New Braintree-0855