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Banana Flower



Big Bend National Park


lovey dovey

Dove in south texas are mostly prized for the ability to provide a reason to go hang out in a field all day with some beers and good friends. They are related to the pigeon, and well, basically are just rural pigeons that because you call them dove you can eat them. They are decisively more skittish which makes taking their photo sort of fun.

dove1 dove2 dove4

South Padre Island, Port Isabel, TX

In a stoke of good luck I was sent out of town to Port Isabel for a work conference. Although the days were long, and I only got to stare at the fantastic blue waters and bougainvillea festooned pools of the Isla Grand hotel, I had still had a lot of fun. I popped out to the beach one morning to grab some quick photos. Also, if you are ever in the area Gabriella’s Italian is a must! I have been dreaming about the ravioli since I got back.  Enjoy!




Here ducky, ducky…

Here are some waterfowl photos from the contest that didn’t make the cut. We had a great variety of ducks out on the pond this year, so it was difficult to choose the best images. I should have left for work about 15 minutes ago, so I better cut the chit chat short. Have a great Monday!


Female blue winged teal


Male blue winged teal

mallardThe lonely mallard. We think he might be a cross of a couple of different ducks. He had a hurt wing, so he was hanging out at the lake nearly every day, relaxing, floating and healing up.

whistlingsingleA whistling duck. These guys almost look like decoys in real life. There is something wooden or toy-like to their appearance, even up close. As a super communal duck ,these guys are a fun crowd to watch.


Photos from the road

I am slowly but surely seeing this great big country.

IMG_0435Last week we hit the road. Yep, in this age of understanding the effects of fossil fuel consumption we loaded up the mini-van and let the tires hit the pavement for over 2,600 miles roundtrip. Let me just add that about 1,100 of those miles are in Texas alone. Road-tripping is  the journey to vacation oasis; So it naturally includes all necessities that Frodo and his shire friends let us in on- missed exits, traffic anxiety, car sickness, mysteriously multiplying luggage, hysterical laughing fits, the many ways in which you can put a neck pillow on your head, boring car games that only seem fun only because you have been in a car for an average of 6 hours a day for 4 out of the past 6 days, fast food flatulence, the pee-pee dance, the discovery of local chains (Loaf n’ Jug?)-all in the pursuit of the ecstasy of putting your feet down on a place you’ve never been before.


Landscape fills all the windows of the car.  The big cameras are buried somewhere in the Mordor of the back of the van.  My phone finds it’s way to the glass in a vain attempt to capture the fleeting scenes that I think are never going to end until gently the landscape shifts away to something different than what only seemed a few miles back.

IMG_0363Like a fishbowl on wheels, we can see out, but can’t feel the wind…

IMG_0373 the rain…


or the sunshine that sweeps it all away.